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Amazon's DeepLens is one smart camera

Amazon just launched a camera that thinks.

The AWS DeepLens AI Deep Learning Video Camera, also called the DeepLens, was introduced in November during the Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent conference. Now it's finally available for for $249 after much delay (it was supposed to begin shipping by "early 2018").

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DeepLens is similar to the AI-powered Google Clips camera, but while Clips is targeted at consumers, DeepLens is a new toy for developers.

According to Amazon's website, it's the first video camera designed to teach deep learning basics and optimized to run machine learning models on the camera. This kind of machine learning is usually done by gathering information on one device and computing in the cloud — as opposed to doing it all on one gadget. Read more...More about Amazon, Intel, Artificial Intelligence, Camera, and Deep Learning ...
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